Company Code
Customer use our service because they hope with our service they can get more competitive price products while in better quality so that they are in better position to compete in the market. To meet customer¡¯s expectation we set up company code for our staffs to follow, staff who is found with violation of company code will be regarded as disqualified and can no longer serve in our company.  

The company code as follow:
1. Honest and honest and honest. We have zero tolerance to lie.
2. Always keep in mind customer¡¯s expectation, think what customer    think. We depend  on customer¡¯s success, all we do are to boom    customer¡¯s business.
3. Speak out your view, anything unclear please ask. Our customer prefer    to answer questions rather than deal with mistakes.
4. Try to learn customer¡¯s culture and products as much as possible,    the more you know customer, the better you can serve customer.
5. No reveal of customer¡¯s confidential information without customer¡¯s    agree.
6. Report to customer whatever you see and hear in factory, comment to    customer of your thinking, try to be impartiality.
7. Always reply to customer as quickly as possible. We must be speedy    and accurate.
8. No compromise in quality with factory, no matter for whatever    reasons.
9. No any kind of benefit acceptable from supplier side, no matter in    whatever means.


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