have been devoting to sourcing and inspection service for buyers who buy goods from China since 1995. We know you need help when you buy goods from China and we work as your hand in China. We work as your office in China while charge much less and you can rely on our experience and capability and efficiency.

We major in
  • Sourcing
  • Price negotiation
  • Factory audit
  • Developing and sampling coordination
  • Pre-production and In-production inspection
  • Final inspection
  • Shipment coordination / consolidation, container loading supervision
  • Other assignment from customer
We deal with a broad list of product categories, include but not limit to
    baby products
sports goods
textile (garment, bag, cap, etc.)
home appliances
plastic products
toy, gift
wood / bamboo / crafts
light fixture
cabinet fixture
stainless products
auto parts
We understand the daily pressures of competition, the needs to meet consumers increasingly demanding expectations, and the imperatives of accurate and reliable checks throughout the supply chain.  
We have practical, effective methods to guarantee quality for you and your customers. We are here to support you in making the best products for your consumers and we are here to assure your consumers that they can enjoy the best quality product they ever buy.  
We focus on:
  The issues of quality, reliability and quick responses;
The issues of fair labor, human rights in your manufacturers.
The needs for quick and easy access to technically-accurate    information;
The needs for shortening developing time and meet on-time    delivery
Cost saving.

We help you choose the right suppliers and confirm their creditworthiness, establishing the necessary financial relationships for you to do business with partners in a trouble-free way. We assist in building better business control systems for you with your supplier.
Sourcing & Inspection is our thing. To provide you quality service is our resolve. To stay with you is our pleasure. Your success is our future.

A209-210, The 80 Steps, DaMeiSha, YanTian, ShenZhen, China 518085
P: +86 136 0308 1220 / +86 136 5267 1220
Email: service@chinahandinc.com